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Annual Conference Video Shoot, June 12-13, 2014

This is your opportunity to be on camera! Share your thoughts on how GMAC products, services and research help you deliver and manage your programs more effectively. In your session, you will be asked a series of questions (you can choose the topic or topics - GMAT, Professional Development, Research, and more) to give your feedback. These video testimonials will be featured on and, so make certain that you take advantage of the opportunity to get your program name out there!

Reserve Your Slot by June 1 

Signing up is easy. Just visit our online sign-up site, enter your full name, and select a 20-minute time slot. Once you sign up, we’ll contact you to review your schedule and set of questions. 

Interviewee Considerations, What to Expect During the Shoot, and What to Wear 

Interviewee Considerations
Interviews will be conducted in an isolated environment, with lights, sound gear, cameras, and other professional production equipment. Despite the environment, interviewees should feel comfortable, and the Director will be responsible for guiding the interviewee through the process. Interviews will be short and your statements will be more in the form of “soundbites” so you won’t need to rehearse or memorize lengthy scripts. In order to solicit natural responses from you:

  • There will be multiple takes to obtain an effective brief soundbite - so, there's no pressure to deliver lines within the specified time frame 
  • Take time to deliver a response to a specific question or statement 
  • The Director may ask a prompt question or two to help with responses 
  • Topic points will be sent prior to the interview to provide some background information

What to Expect During the Shoot
After you arrive in the Heron Room (4th Floor) you will go through the following steps:

  • Check-in and sign the consent form
  • Visit the makeup room in the Iron Room (4th Floor)
  • Return to the Heron Room for lighting and audio testing
  • Provide your testimonial
  • Take your photo (optional)
  • Receive your thank you gift card and get your contest playing card signed

What to Wear
Our videos will be shot against a green screen so that we may add backgrounds during post-production. There are certain requirements when shooting video against a green screen, so the following is a list of items to consider when being interviewed on camera: 

  • Avoid wearing a bright red or green shirt (since the interviews will be on green screen) 
  • Try to avoid tight patterns - this can create an odd zigzag pattern on film 
  • Try not to wear an all-white or all-black shirt - an all-white shirt will appear too bright on camera (this does not mean you cannot wear white or black - i.e., a white shirt can be worn under a blazer), no turtlenecks, wear jewelry in moderation
  • If possible, try to wear something that’s buttoned down - the benefit of a buttoned down shirt is that it provides a good place to attach the microphone 
For questions, please contact Alex Kasten at or 703-668-9629.