GMAC Opportunity Zone

Learn More About GMAC Products and Services

The Opportunity Zone is the ultimate locale to collect ideas, connect withcolleagues, and collaborate with GMAC. Open on Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday, the Opportunity Zone offers you a chance to learn more about the range of GMAC products and services that can help you and your programs succeed.

Opportunity to Promote
GMAC provides numerous opportunities to showcase your school to prospective students. Learn about the many options available to help you promote your programs and attract the right students.
  • The Ask the School Experts blog
  • Calendar of Events
  • Social media, including Twitter and Facebook
  • TeamMBA
  • Operation MBA
  • Global Communications
Opportunity to Connect

Your colleagues are your greatest resource. GMAC offers myriad opportunities for you to network and share best practices, new ideas, and useful information with professionals from around the world.

  • Linked In School Professionals Group
  • Professional Education and Training
Opportunity to Enhance

GMAC's influence extends beyond admissions. Our newest product, ReflectTM by GMAC, Is a soft skills assessment and development tool that can help your students reach greater levels of self-awareness and competency, making them better students and better corporate recruitment prospects. Likewise, Essential Prep allows students to enter your program feeling confident that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to succeed In the classroom.

  • ReflectTM by GMAC
  • Essential PrepTM
Opportunity to Select
Selecting students from a global candidate pool requires talent, skill, and an objective, valid and secure measure of candidates' ability. Learn how GMAC and Its partners can provide you with the premier assessment tools for gauging your future students' success.

  • GMAT®Exam
  • PTE Academic
Opportunity to Recruit
How do you reach the multitude of prospects who might be the perfect fit for your program? GMAC offers opportunities to connect with candidates whose talents and aspirations match your program's culture and academic offerings.

    GMASS® Student Search Service
    GMATCH® Virtual Fair