Recruiting in Europe: A Focused Engagement Strategy to Boost Inquiries

Thursday | June 20 | 2013 | 5:45 pm - 7:00 PM
Pavilion B, Level 3

Are you finding that recruiting European candidates is becoming more challenging? No matter where your program is located, the cultural, social, and economic shifts across Europe are affecting the way European candidates make decisions about graduate management education and where to study both within and outside the region. As a result, deploying a unified Europe-wide messaging strategy is no longer the most effective way to attract candidates. Based on GMAC research, this session will take a deep dive into the psyches of European candidates to give you a better understanding of nuances that may help your school boost inquiries.

Deborah Somers, Director, Client Services EMEA, Graduate Management Admission Council
Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director, Research Communications, Graduate Management Admission Council