Closing Keynote: David Bach

Friday | June 21 | 2013 | 2:45 pm - 3:45 PM
Grand Ballroom

The Return of the Renaissance (Wo)man — and What It Means for Business Schools

Because the vexing problems of our times cut across subject areas, solving them requires both rigorous empirical analysis and creatively connecting shifting dots. Intellectual flexibility and curiosity are a must, as is familiarity with other countries and cultures. Today’s world needs “polymaths” — women and men who, like great thinkers of the past, possess expertise that spans multiple knowledge domains; excel in the arts, sciences, politics, and business; and have a thirst for new knowledge.

But are your business school and its curricula designed to produce Renaissance Women and Renaissance Men? Are your admissions processes geared to attract students who exhibit the essential traits? Are you prepared to build on your past success while educating leaders who will thrive on rapid and constant change? Get ready to be provoked and enlightened as global business expert David Bach invites you to contemplate business education that stretches beyond disciplinary and geographical boundaries.

David Bach
Senior Associate Dean for Executive MBA and Global Programs
Yale School of Business