Social Media, Digital Marketing, and the China Pipeline

Friday | June 22 | 2012 | 1:00 pm - 2:15 PM
Mississippi, 2nd Floor

China represents one of the fastest growing markets for graduate management candidates in the world. With 500 million of its citizens online, implementing a successful social media and digital marketing campaign is critical to attract Chinese talent to your program. Join a Chinese social media expert who runs a local agency in China and the vice president of web strategy at GMAC to learn how the Chinese navigate through localized social media channels, how Chinese cultural implications affect decisions to purchase, and how your school can begin to engage a Chinese customer base directly with success. They will present best practice examples, including how GMAC successfully launched its digital presence in China using local expertise and local digital media channels.

  • Andrew Collins, CEO, Mailman
  • David Moldavsky, Vice President, Web Strategy and Operations, Graduate Management Admission Council