Opportunity Zone

Wednesday | June 20 | 2012 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 PM
Chicago Ballroom Foyer, 5th Floor

The Opportunity Zone is your ideal place to collect ideas, connect with colleagues, and collaborate with GMAC. Open throughout most of the conference, the Opportunity Zone offers you a chance to learn more about the wealth of GMAC products and services (most of them free) that help you do your job better. While in the Zone or Research Lounge, don't forget to submit your answers to the quiz included in your registration packet for a change to win one of two iPads - so you can connect with GMAC, colleagues, and candidates on the go!

The Opportunity Zone is your chance to:

  • Attract, Prepare, and Select the “Next Generation” of Talent: GMAT Exam with Integrated Reasoning. The Next Generation GMAT Exam is here… and with it comes your opportunity to identify Next Generation talent. Visit this booth to explore what you need to know about the new Integrated Reasoning section, score scale, and question types. Try your hand at an IR question, or demo the new test prep products available to candidates. And don’t forget to verify your program code (or add a new one) to ensure that the next generation of leaders can easily find you in their search for the right program.
  • Connect with Colleagues and Candidates. Leverage your conference connections all year long through GMAC social media initiatives on LinkedIn and Twitter. Also learn how to engage with students by taking part in the mba.com “Ask the Expert” service and what GMAC is doing to connect you with candidates around the world through our global web initiatives.
  • Create Your Perfect Class. It’s a delicate recipe: one part recruiting, one part evaluation, and one part preparation. Fortunately, GMAC has the ingredients to help you put together your incoming class. Recruit with names from the Graduate Management Search Service (GMASS database). Meet virtually with potential applicants through the GMATCH virtual fair.
  • Ensure English skills with the Pearson Test of English. Finally, get your matriculating students prepared for their first classes with GMAC Essential Prep.
  • Give Back. Move Management Education Forward. By giving back, GMAC’s Management Education for Tomorrow Fund makes a strategic investment in the future. From TeamMBA to the Ideas to Innovation (i2i) Challenge, the MET Fund showcases its philanthropy as venture capitalism for the public sector. Visit this booth to understand how you can benefit simply by including your program’s student service activities on the TeamMBA site. You can also find out more about grant funding for management education research, continued efforts to develop minority faculty, and the i2i Challenge — through which great ideas are becoming management education innovations.
  • Find New Sources of Students. Learn how to take advantage of GMAC efforts to increase and diversify the GMAT test-taker pool through initiatives targeting undergraduate students, underrepresented populations, military, women, and non-business majors. Also, hear about how GMAC is engaging with test prep companies to ensure that candidates have the best and most accurate information about the GMAT exam and graduate management education.