The Future of the MBA in Asia

Thursday | June 23 | 2011 | 2:30 pm - 3:45 PM
Provincetown, 4th Floor

Gain a greater understanding of the value of MBAs in Asia, including the skills Asian businesses need to succeed and how hiring and recruitment trends are evolving. The presenters have broad backgrounds in corporations and on campus. They will offer you the corporate perspective, including recruiting experiences with Asian and foreign MBAs; provide an overview of the region’s educational landscape; and cover hiring and recruiting trends, the profiles Asian corporations seek, and best practices.


MARY GRANGER, Associate Director, Admissions and Career Services, APAC Region, ESADE Business School

LINDA MYERS, Global Business Partner, WorldWiseHR, Global Human Resources Consulting

ZHIWEN YIN, Associate Dean, School of Management, Fudan University