Reflect™ and ESSENTIALprep™ tools: Prepare Your Students for Coursework and Careers Before Classes Begin

Wednesday | July 24 | 2013 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 PM
Buckingham Ballroom, 3rd Floor

The new Reflect™ tool is both an assessment and a development tool that can help your students understand and bolster their strengths and weaknesses across 10 key competencies that corporations value highly. ESSENTIALprep™ is a web-based tool that helps prepare students academically and identifies strengths and weaknesses in core courses like accounting, finance, quantitative skills, and statistics. We’ll explore how both products work, the skills and competencies they measure, and how to use them across your organization

Eric Chambers
, School Research and Relations Director, Americas, Graduate Management Admission Council