2016 Admissions Institute for New Professionals Europe

February 8 - 11 | Brussels | Belgium

2016 Admissions Institute for New Professionals


New to Admissions?

Would you like to become more effective in your Admissions practice? Gain perspective and understand the current graduate management education (GME) landscape? Answer ranking related questions with confidence? Maximize your outreach efforts? Interview more effectively? In essence, master the Admissions process while strengthening your professional network?

The Graduate Management Admission Council has worked for over 60 years with graduate Admissions professionals from around the world. Steeped in admissions expertise and experience, we see the need for more formal education and training in admissions practices. 

Building on the successful launch in Europe in 2014, GMAC are delighted to be partnering with EFMD for the second edition of the Admissions Institute for New Professionals in February 2016. The partnership combines the expertise, networks and knowledge of two of the industry’s leading bodies to deliver a robust program essential for every new professional in admissions – (participants must have between six to 36 months of work experience within graduate management admissions to be eligible to apply). 

Program Overview

AINP Europe is unlike anything currently offered in the market. Designed as a cohort learning, executive education experience, this comprehensive program utilizes a combined learning methodology that includes lectures, cases, group discussions, workshops, and individual contribution to help participants master the admissions profession. Experiential learning is key. As part of an interactive classroom environment, you will discuss the Cave Hill Business School Case Study. Cave Hill, which is a fictitious business school based in the European city of Londrid, faces a myriad of challenges including a fall in the Financial Times ranking and a need to increase total applications to ensure intake quality.

The program will provide you with a deep dive into three foundational modules: Context, Outreach, and Evaluation. 

  • Context. The best admissions tools are useless if not applied within the right context. AINP Europe will explore the graduate management education (GME) landscape, including the forces that have shaped its evolution, like rankings. As well, the program will provide insight into the mindset of current and future applicants, which can help orient your practices going forward.
  • Outreach. The outreach module provides the necessary tools to maximize outreach activities throughout the candidate, student and graduate lifecycle, including: enhancing recruiting events; engaging candidates utilizing different marketing tools; becoming an effective career coach; managing your message when selling to different demographic groups and sizes; and tailoring and implementing effective yield management strategies.

  • Evaluation. The evaluation module will teach you to review an application and prepare for an interview; interview effectively; and implement effective strategies for crafting a class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how Admissions plays a role in sustaining quality growth in the student to alumni lifecycle
  • Understand the current global GME applicant landscape from a unique European perspective
  • Discuss how rankings can impact the admissions process 
  • Use rankings knowledge to respond to stakeholder inquiries
  • Plan how your messaging and branding strategies can drive recruitment activities and outreach 
  • Identify the impact your Admissions role has on prospective student career tracks 
  • Learn how applications and interviewing will dictate the class composition and student career prospects 

Course Content

Selected Course Content

Power in the Ranks

How well do you know your programs rankings? In this session, you will learn how to evaluate and analyze rankings methodologies.

Power in the Ranks 

Career Coaching Skills

How good are your career coaching skills? Learn how to measure a candidate’s goals, options, reality and willingness to succeed, to recruit candidates that will be the best fit for your program.

Career Coaching

What Attendees are Saying

"Thanks for an amazing four days. I’m still inspired and started implementing some of the learnings from the workshop. Really, it’s one of the most useful courses I’ve attended: very relevant to the job and on a personal level."

AINP 2016

AINP 2016  AINP 2016 AINP 2016 AINP 2016

"The AINP program was a great opportunity, very useful, I learned a lot, and I made a lot of new contacts. I’m already thinking of who I can send next year."

"It was a great learning, knowledge-sharing and networking experience for me. I absolutely loved it!

I made new friendships and I appreciate having the opportunity to hear from the experts about our business in a very structured format."

"I very much enjoyed the week and came back with many ideas that I can’t wait to share with my team."

"Thank you once again for this experience. It has been really inspiring to meet amazing people and share with them so much about our job."