Branding and Marketing

Tuesday | July 24 | 2012 | 1:45 pm - 4:45 PM
Buckingham Ballroom, 3rd Floor

This in-depth, two-part session explores ways to drive applications, acceptances, yield, and admissions quality by enhancing the way you communicate your programs’ value propositions and by strengthening your school’s brand. The first part of the session will help you to write compelling positioning statements that dramatize your programs’ unique value to various student segments and to recommend actions that enhance your school’s brand. The second part will focus on value communications, including specific actions you can take to increase the effectiveness of your marketing communications. You will emerge able to recommend specific tactics to increase the likelihood that prospective students hear, process, understand, and believe your school’s messages in ways that change their behavior.
Note: Although we’ll primarily discuss tools that communicate value outward to your students, you’ll
find the tools equally effective for communicating within your organization.

Daniel J. Turner, Associate Dean, Master’s Programs, Michael G. Foster School of Business,
University of Washington, Seattle