Admissions Institute for New Professionals

July 23-26, 2012 | The Allerton Hotel | Chicago, IL USA



2012 Admissions Institute for New Professionals

Thank you!

The 2012 Admissions Institute for New Professionals was a great success! With 65 graduate business school admissions, marketing, and recruitment professionals from 45 universities located in 5 countries, the institute provided newly hired (six to 18 months) professionals develop the skills necessary to succeed in their careers. A variety of sessions allowed attendees the opportunity to see and understand the role and function of admissions—from Branding and Marketing, to Finding Talent: Recruiting Practices from the Experts, to the Selection Exercise (a simulated admissions committee). This exact program is repeated annually.

Thank you to all who attended, speakers and experts who shared their knowledge and best practices, and everyone who helped make this program a success. 

Admissions Institute for New Professionals
(formerly the Professional Development Program) is designed to help newly hired (six to 18 months) admissions, marketing, and recruitment professionals develop the skills necessary to succeed in their careers.  

Who Should Attend?
The GMAC Admissions Institute for New Professionals is designed for professionals from GMAT® accepting schools with work experience between six to 18 months in graduate management admissions. Attendees come from a variety of schools—large and small, public and private, global and regional. Although they have only recently begun to work with a graduate business program, many have held responsible positions in the corporate world or other areas of the university.

For those participants with less than six months of experience (as of July), we suggest you attend the program next year. If you have questions, please contact us at  

Registration Fee
The registration fees for the 2012 program are US$2,050 for GMAC member schools and US$2,600 for non-member schools.

Because this is a cohort learning experience, all registrants need to attend the entire program.

We recommend attendees have a minimum of 6 months work experience in their current role prior to attending.  If you register with less than 6 months experience, you will automatically be placed on a waitlist, as first priority is given to those with the recommended minimum 6 months experience. Please wait to make any travel arrangements until your registration is approved.

There is a limit of two people per program, per school until the registration deadline.

Further Information
Please contact us via email at or by phone at +1 (703) 668-9839 or toll-free +1 (888) 668-9929.

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2012 Session Decriptions

Developing Cross-Cultural Competence in the GME Environment
Monday, July 23, 3–6 pm
Many schools require their admissions staff to travel abroad to recruit international students, meet
with international advisors and strategic partners, and develop relationships with alumni. In some
programs, the admissions staff is also responsible for orientation and even student advising. Your
likelihood of successfully engaging with students and colleagues from other world regions increases
significantly when you understand their cultures and norms. In this workshop, you will learn how to:

•   Differentiate between your own cultural norms and values and those of cultures in other regions
•   Identify variations in communication styles
•   Recognize culture shock and understand how it affects behavior
•   Effectively address intercultural-communication issues on the job
•   Help international students adjust to living, studying, and working in your country

Craig Storti, Director, Craig Storti and Associates

Admissions X (Careers + Program Office + Alumni + Financial Aid)= Success
Tuesday, July 24, 8:45–9:30 am
Admissions officers face the challenging task of selecting candidates who will not only be a good
fit for the program and help meet admissions goals, but also be good students, employable prospects,
and contributing alumni. The job of selecting the right candidates is easier when the various
stakeholders collaborate throughout the selection process. This session will explore the benefits of a
strong partnership among the stakeholders in graduate management education administration and
share ways in which you can gain competitive advantage through these collaborations.

Blair Sanford, Assistant Dean, MBA Program, and Director, MBA Career Management Center,
Wisconsin Business School, University of Madison-Wisconsin

Branding and Marketing
Tuesday, July 24, 9:45 am–12:45 pm
This in-depth, two-part session explores ways to drive applications, acceptances, yield, and admissions
quality by enhancing the way you communicate your programs’ value propositions and by
strengthening your school’s brand. The first part of the session will help you to write compelling
positioning statements that dramatize your programs’ unique value to various student segments and
to recommend actions that enhance your school’s brand. The second part will focus on value communications, including specific actions you can take to increase the effectiveness of your marketing
communications. You will emerge able to recommend specific tactics to increase the likelihood that
prospective students hear, process, understand, and believe your school’s messages in ways that
change their behavior.
Note: Although we’ll primarily discuss tools that communicate value outward to your students, you’ll
find the tools equally effective for communicating within your organization.

Daniel J. Turner, Associate Dean, Master’s Programs, Michael G. Foster School of Business,
University of Washington, Seattle

Getting Answers to Questions You Can't Ask: A Fresh Look at Interviewing
Tuesday, July 24, 1:45–4:30 pm
Although there is no one right way to interview, all successful interviews have this in common: They
create situations in which information can be exchanged easily, evaluated fairly, and communicated
clearly. Selection interviews give you a unique opportunity to obtain information about an applicant
that is either impossible or impractical to get any other way. How you use the interviews becomes
critical to your success in selecting your top candidates. This workshop will help you build an effective
interview process, learn the latest techniques, and improve your skills. You will be introduced to
the S.E.L.E.C.T. interviewing model, practice your skills, and discuss ways to enhance your process.

John B. Molidor, Assistant Dean and Professor, CEO and President, Michigan State University,
College of Human Medicine, Flint Campus

Finding Talent: Recruiting Practices You Can Learn From the Experts
Wednesday, July 25, 8:45–10:30 am
This session brings together admissions professionals from schools of various sizes, budgets, and
program offerings. The panel will share best-practice tools and techniques, from the tried and true to
the new and innovative. Learn from your peers about what still works and what the future might hold
when you recruit your next class.

Kecia Hansard, Associate Director, MBA/MS Programs, Robert H. Smith School of Business,
University of Maryland
Alison Merzel, Director of MBA Admissions, The Max M. Fisher College of Business,
Ohio State University
Paul North, Director, MBA Admissions, Eli Broad Graduate School of Management,
Michigan State University
Liz Riley Hargrove, Associate Dean for Admissions, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Maximizing GMAC Research, Tools, and Services
Wednesday, July 25, 10:45 am–noon
GMAC offers a plethora of tools to help graduate management programs educate, identify, recruit,
and select candidates. Whether you’re a new director attempting to determine geographic markets
for recruitment or an operations manager tasked with promoting your program efficiently, GMAC
has resources you can leverage. During this session, you will receive a high-level overview of some of
the available tools, all designed to make your life easier as they help you understand and service the
graduate management education market.

Eric Chambers, School Research and Relations Director, Americas, Graduate Management
Admission Council

Standing Ovation Presentations
Wednesday, July 25, 1:15-4:15 pm
There is no faster way to directly influence large numbers of stakeholders than through effective
presentations. But what are the ingredients of a great presentation? What makes listeners feel engaged,
empowered, and ready to take action? How can you come across as comfortable, authentic,
and even passionate in front of audiences of various sizes and demographics? This hands-on, highly
participatory workshop will explore the distinctions between good and truly great presenting. Drawing
on techniques derived from the art of training actors in theater, the session will provide you with a
framework for speaking from your mind and heart directly into the minds and hearts of others. Topics
include making a great impression quickly, facilitating group discussions, using PowerPoint effectively,
and inspiring your audience to take action.

Todd Salovey, Associate Artistic Director, San Diego Repertory Theatre, and Faculty Member,
Rady School of Management, University of California, San Diego

The GMAT Exam With Integrated Reasoning: What You and Your Candidates Need
to Know
Thursday, July 26, 8:45–10:15 am
Here is your opportunity to discuss anything and everything about the Next Generation GMAT exam.
We will begin with an overview — the exam’s background, structure, use of computer-adaptive testing,
and question item types, including those in the new Integrated Reasoning section. Next, we will examine
what the GMAT exam measures and how it fits into a balanced admissions process, with a focus on what
this means for your school in terms of score interpretation and exam validity. Finally, we will discuss the
candidates’ testing environment, GMAT security measures, and test-prep resources. The in-depth GMAT
knowledge you’ll gain will help you answer questions from prospective students, colleagues, faculty
members, and your dean.

Michelle Sparacino, Associate Director, GMAT Program, Graduate Management Admission Council

Life After AINP
Thursday, July 26, 10:30–11:30 am
We know you’ll leave the Admissions Institute for New Professionals feeling excited, eager to share
your ideas, and ready to implement new practices. But will you have had the chance to learn everything
you need to know? In this candid discussion session, two AINP alumni will be available to
address questions, share what their first year was like after AINP, and provide guidance on what you
might expect in the months to come. Be ready for an energizing session in which you’re welcome to
ask any and all questions.

Humberto Freda, Assistant Director of Admissions, Booth School of Business, University of
Chris Van Nostrand, Associate Director of Admissions, Kellogg School of Management,
Northwestern University

Selection-Crafting A Class
Thursday, July 26, 12:30–2:30 pm
To help you integrate all you’ve learned, this session will have you participating in a simulated admissions
committee with representatives from a wide range of schools. Your committee will review and
debate the merits of each candidate while considering the interests of the many stakeholders in any
selection process. This highly interactive session lets you see how Admissions Institute themes and
topics converge in a true-to-life situation.

Eric Chambers, School Research and Relations Director, Americas, Graduate Management
Admission Council