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The Graduate Management Admission Search Service (GMASS) marketing tool can help you recruit the right mix of candidates for your programs.

With over 2,000 unique combinations of search parameters using more than 30 categories, you can target your audience to fit your recruiting and marketing needs.

  • Connect with prospects at specific stages of the recruitment cycle – before and after they take the GMAT exam
  • Increase the diversity of your classroom by searching on robust demographic information
  • Create targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Reach out to candidates specifically interested in graduate management education

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Gender, Ethnic Identification, First or Native Language, Citizenship, Age


School/Degree Characteristics

Part-Time, Full-Time, Online, Degree Objectives and Concentrations

School Plans

Intended School Plans

Work Intentions, Date of Enrollment


Educational/Professional Background

Years of Work Experience, Year of Undergrad Education, Undergrad First Institution, Major & GPA
Score Range

GMAT Exam Score Range

AWA, Quant, Verbal, IR, and Total Score


Location/Area Map-Radius

Preferred Region of Study, World Region, Country, Zip, State, Metro Area, and Province


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Recruit with GMASS

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Recruit with GMASS

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