Rethink, Revise, Rewrite: Gain More from GMASS Searches & Email Marketing


Does sending a message in a bottle work?  Take a deeper dive into how GMASS searches can target programs and audiences.

The use of email marketing and targeted GMASS searches can have more impact and offer greater rewards for your recruiting tactics. Learn from your peers who will share their hits, misses, and best practices with their marketing campaigns that helped them recruit more effectively.


  • Pre-test names offer you the chance to influence candidates early in the process and get them thinking of your program first!
  • Recurring searches saves time and allows you to be one of the first contacts a candidate receives.
  • Learn from your peers how over time they have refined their process to be more impactful with their searches and outreach.
  • Learn the different advantages of buying targeted groups of names and buying a wide range of names with minimal criteria.

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  • Paula McKay, Director, GMAC Customer Care
  • Cynthia Alva, Marketing eCommunications Manager
  • Rebecca Beaty, Email & Web Marketing Manager, IE Business School
  • Peggy Conway, Director, Graduate Admissions Texas Christian University