An Introduction to GMASS Recruiting

Building a global class with talent that fits with your program needs can be challenging. Now there’s a tool that gives you access to almost 400,000 potential candidates worldwide.

GMASS, a searchable database of GMAT and pre-GMAT candidates can assist you in finding the right candidates from a global pool—from your office and within your workday.


  • Get an overview of the GMASS® Search Service, the search criteria, and how to set up recurring searches.
  • Candidate information lives in the database for 18 months, giving you time to plan your outreach efforts.
  • Once you purchase names, you have multiple opportunities to communicate with candidates.
  • Learn how GMASS can promote your events and scholarship offers.

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  • Paula McKay, Director, GMAC Customer Care
  • Shira Stein, GMAC Products and Services Specialist