Webinar: Are You Reinforcing Admissions and Brand with Alumni?

Thursday | April 3, 2014 | 11 am EDT | 4 pm BST


Are you Reinforcing Admissions and Brand with Alumni?

Who better to advocate for your program with prospective students than your own alumni?

Research shows that one in three prospective business school applicants surveyed on mba.com consults an alumni or current student during their decision-making process. 

And, data in the forthcoming GMAC 2014 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report can help open doors for your business school recruiting efforts. It is the largest and most far-reaching alumni survey GMAC researchers have ever conducted, with nearly 21,000 alumni respondents from the classes of 1959 to 2013. In just 60 minutes, you can learn about: 

  • Personal, professional, and financial gains that alumni report their educational experience brought to their career that can help craft your messages;
  • Key skills alumni use on the job that may offer students direction for their own career advancement that can enhance your conversations with prospects; and
  • Changes in industries where business school graduates are working, including the emergence of entrepreneurial careers, as well as salary and promotions, alumni job satisfaction, and relationship with their alma mater that can broaden your outreach.  
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Learn from the following GMAC Staff:

  • Michelle Sparkman-Renz, Director, Research Communications 
  • Betsy Kacizak, Senior Manager, Professional Education & Training


Explore research based on your needs.

GMAC surveys and research give you access to free market intelligence to use in your decision-making for admissions, program design, and career and alumni services. Annual reports can help you gauge market trends, develop strategies, and benchmark against other schools. 

The following links give you access to GMAT examinee data and the five main research studies conducted by GMAC researchers: