Using GMASS and Market Intelligence to Recruit for Your Next Class

Use GMASS to Recruit Students

Discover how the GMASS searchable database of GMAT and pre-GMAT candidates can help you connect with the best talent from around the globe. Get tips and tricks to optimize your searches from GMAC experts.

Find out how GMAC research, specifically the Prospective Students Survey, will help you understand what motivates and drives candidates to pursue graduate management education. Using the interactive research tool, learn how to customize demographic and behavioral data that closely match the right candidates for your programs.


  • GMASS has 360,000 candidates who indicate they  to be contacted by schools
  • Learn how over 600 searches have already benefited from Area Mapping, GMASS’s newest feature
  • Did you know interactive research tools allow you to research and gather customized behavioral and psychographic information
  • You could be losing opportunities to connect with candidates if  you send a “message in a bottle”, find out how to better connect with prospects

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  • Paula McKay, Director, Customer Care
  • Gregg Schoenfeld, Director, Management Education Research