Reflect™: Soft Skills Matter

Reflect Self Development Tool

Corporate recruiters, school professionals, and faculty have said soft skills DO matter. The Reflect soft skills assessment was designed with input and feedback from the above groups to evaluate 10 competencies, such as strategic vision, decision making, and drive. In this webcast, learn more about the tool, such as how it gets at the “core” of personality; how it can be used as a stand-alone resource; incorporated in your curriculum; or how it can help facilitate meaningful coaching conversations and results with your students.


  • Reflect is translated and culturally normed into 22 languages
  • Designed with input from more than 900 global companies 
  • Learn how schools are using Reflect to develop soft skills in their students
  • Discover the benefits of Reflect and how it can help make your job as “coach” easier

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  • Betsy McIntyre, Director, Product Management
  • Deb Somers, Director, Client Services, EMEA 
  • Rebecca Loades, New Product Development Director