GMASS Tutorial

GMASS Search Criteria

We know time, money, and resources are limited, which is why GMAC created a single database to expand your global talent outreach. GMASS, a searchable data of more than 400,000 GMAT and pre-GMAT candidates, is your recruitment connection.

The tutorial will assist you in getting started with GMASS—how to create your account, run searches and manage your account. You have the ability to watch the entire tutorial or jump to the section that’s most important to you.

Don’t delay your outreach efforts, sign up for  GMASS today!


  • The tutorial is set up by chapters; watch the entire video or select the sections that you need.
  • Did you know candidates have to opt-in to GMASS? These are people want to be contacted by you
  • GMASS offers multiple search criteria to narrowly define your pool or expand your options. Learn how you can create a search and use “groups” to manage your searches.
  • Learn how you can set up recurring searches to run weekly, monthly or quarterly. Be one of the first schools to contact candidates about your programs.

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