GMAC Research Services: Survey Participation Privacy and Confidentiality

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of graduate management education through the sharing of ideas and best practices that serve the collective interests of business schools worldwide.

Institution Partnership

We want to assure you that we are committed to protecting the privacy of your information and addressing your concerns about partnering with GMAC to participate in all of our survey research series:

  • Application Trends (Signup by May)
  • Corporate Recruiters Survey (Signup by January)
  • Alumni Perspectives Survey (Signup by September)

Participating Institution Rights

  • You have the right to not partner with GMAC in any survey recruitment effort and to stop receiving further invitations by opting out of the invitations or declining participation.
  • Your school’s participation is confidential and your responses will not be shared with other participating schools until after the survey is complete and only then in aggregated form.
  • In comparative benchmarking tools, your school’s responses will only be shown in aggregate with other school’s data.  Your school’s responses cannot be identified by another school.

Respondent Rights

  • You have the right to not participate in any survey as well as to drop out of any survey at any time.
  • You have the right to stop receiving further survey invitations by clicking on the opt out link at the bottom of every communication you receive as well as contacting the research department at
  • When you participate in a survey, GMAC may ask for your email address so we can contact you to provide you with follow-up reports, provide you with an opportunity to enter into a sweepstakes, or any other follow-up research.  You have the right to decline providing such information.

GMAC Assurances

  • GMAC collects your personal information for administering its surveys and does not sell your personal information to any third parties, media, or other organizations. GMAC may provide customized, fee-based research reports to requesting, participating institutions. These customized reports contain only aggregated survey data.     
    • Survey Administrator: Qualtrics, our third party survey provider helps us administer surveys. GMAC has a contract with Qualtrics that specifically limits the ways they can access your data and how it’s protected.
    • We monitor and audit Qualtrics to ensure these conditions are being met.
  • Personal information is used for the purpose of survey administration, to personalize invitations, and remove completed surveys from follow-up invitations.
    • Contact information is encrypted and stored on a dedicated secure server to which only limited people in our Research & Development department have access. 
    • Survey responses are stored separately from respondents’ personal information and are encrypted and stored on a stand-alone secure server.
  • Survey results are reported only in the aggregate, such that no individual response is reported. GMAC has minimum acceptable respondent size reporting requirements to protect confidentiality.  
  • For questions about GMAC’s use of personal information, contact our privacy office at

Qualtrics, a third party service provider that GMAC uses for research survey administration, has provided documentation that it is self-certified under the EU/US Privacy Shield Framework. For more information about this certification and their privacy practices, please read their privacy statement.