Prospective Students Seek Blend of Online and Classroom Learning

Regardless of preferred program type, candidates want a balance of online and classroom course delivery.

May 3, 2016

Curriculum & Delivery

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The results of the 2016 Prospective Students Survey indicate that nearly half of graduate business school candidates (47%) seek out information about programs’ course delivery formats. Among these candidates, three-fourths (76%) consider this information extremely or very influential in their decision about where to apply, and ultimately where to enroll. 

The data reveal that regardless of preferred program type, prospective students want a portion of their coursework delivered in the classroom and a portion delivered online. For example, candidates who prefer a full-time two-year MBA program want, on average, 86 percent of their coursework delivered in-person and 14 percent delivered in an online format. Prospective students who prefer part-time MBA programs, on average, want more of their coursework delivered online—25 percent.

The Balance Between Online and Classroom

On the opposite end of the spectrum are candidates interested in online MBA programs. These prospective students want, on average, 90 percent of their coursework delivered online but still expect to have 10 percent of their coursework delivered in the classroom. Perhaps not surprisingly, prospective students who prefer hybrid MBA programs—those specifically designed and marketed as a blend of online and classroom learning—want roughly equal shares of their coursework delivered in each format. 

For more information on prospective business school students’ program selection criteria, preferred program types, study destinations, career goals, and more, download the 2016 Prospective Students Survey Report.