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Understanding the Role of the Master in Management in Global Business Education

Women Making Gains Infographic

Through a wide-ranging examination of GMAC data, Understanding the Role of the Master in Management in Global Business Education shares insights on key questions related to MiM programs and makes recommendations to help business school leaders plan for their programs’ sustainable futures. The analysis presented in this paper demonstrates that MiM and full-time MBA programs largely serve distinct types of candidates at different stages of their careers and lead to different outcomes. The paper also highlights key differences between the established European MiM market and the emerging US and Asia-Pacific MiM markets. Download the report. [November 2017]

Women Making Gains in Graduate Management EducationWomen Making Gains Infographic

In honor of American Business Women's Day on September 22nd, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) would like to reflect on the contributions and accomplishments of the millions of women in the workforce as well as those who have started their own businesses in the U.S. This brief highlights key research findings on women and graduate management education gathered by GMAC Research. Download the report. [September 2017]

The GMAT® Exam Is Not Getting Easier: The Fallacy of Score Increases and the Impact of Score Preview

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) exam was developed to assess skills most relevant to student success in graduate business programs and to help business schools select qualified applicants. The exam is currently used by more than 6,500 programs worldwide and taken by more than 200,000 candidates each year exclusively for admission to a graduate business program. In recent years, the average GMAT exam score of the admitted class of leading graduate business programs has risen, raising questions about the integrity of GMAT exam scores and whether the exam is getting easier. This research report explores whether and how GMAT exam scores have changed over time. Download the report. [June 2017]

What Women Want: A Blueprint for Change in Business Education2017-what women want- large thumbnail

What Women Want: A Blueprint for Change in Business Education shares insights about women's motivations to pursue graduate management education (GME), their approach to the application journey, and the biggest challenges they face along the way. These insights are examined in the context of the Council's recent global GME candidate segmentation study along with other GMAC survey research and admissions testing data. Download the report. [March 2017]

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About the Series

The Research Report Series is a collection of white papers and academic research reports covering a wide range of industry topics, searchable by the following categories:
  • Students, alumni, and prospective students
  • Education programs: Curricula review of MBA and business master’s programs, school branding choices, return on investment of MBA programs;
  • Populations: Specific studies on race, ethnicity, and gender and factors that influence their enrollment or success in MBA programs;
  • GMAT validity studies: Reports that offer in-depth data about GMAT scores that may predict student success in graduate business programs; and
  • High-stakes testing: Innovations and practices and impact of changes in test methodology, test design.
Women Making Gains in Graduate Management Education
Women Making Gains in Graduate Management Education