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Help your grads navigate the job market with the latest employer data.

2016 Corporate Recruiter cover, 138x178Is a graduate business degree still relevant today? Results from the forthcoming 2017 Corporate Recruiters Survey will reveal what value your graduates bring to their companies. 

Findings from the 2017 survey will become available later this spring. The timely, relevant, and actionable employment data that this survey yields will help you prepare your students and graduates for the job market that lies ahead. 

Meanwhile, check out the findings from our 2016 survey.

2016 Corporate Recruiters Summary Report [June 2016]

The results reported from the 2016 GMAC Corporate Recruiter Survey show that 88 percent of corporate recruiters who work directly with business schools planned to hire MBA graduates in 2016—up 8 percentage points from 2015. 

The 2016 Corporate Recruiters Survey conducted with survey partners, EFMD and MBA CSEA, and 109 business schools worldwide drew responses from 842 employers from more than 530 companies in 40 countries worldwide. The report also includes findings from a supplemental survey of 1,282 employers in six select countries, conducted to provide broader insights into general business hiring practices in the wider marketplace.

Click these links to see a detailed Survey Methodology and download the list of participating schools.

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2016 Year-End Poll of Employers Report


The findings from our 2016 Year End Poll of Employers offer a quick snapshot of actual 2016 hiring results and projections for the 2017 job market. 

Interactive Data Research Report and Benchmark Tool

  • The Interactive Data Research Tool lets you create a customizable view of survey data. This tool allows survey participants to explore survey responses by industry, company size, world region, and more.
  • Our robust Benchmark Tool allows participating schools and employers create and download instant peer-to-peer comparison reports from aggregated survey data from a list of schools and programs that responded to the survey. Watch the benchmark demo!

Our Survey Partners

The Corporate Recruiters Survey is conducted in conjunction with EFMD and MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance (MBA CSEA).

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