Soft Skills Assessment FAQ

What is the price of the assessment?

The assessment costs $65 and can be purchased by candidates or schools. Contact the Soft Skills Assessment Team.  

Do candidates receive results?

Candidates receive a report that includes their top three strengths along with actions and tips on how to develop those strengths. This report can be useful to the candidate in developing their essay(s), preparing for their interviews, and preparing to start their program.  Applicants will receive their report 24 hours after completing the assessment.

How does scoring work?

The assessment measures an applicant’s default behavioral preferences against the global norm.    

How many times can an applicant take the GMAC Soft Skills Assessment?

Applicants may take the GMAC Soft Skills Assessment once within 24 months. 

How many schools can applicants share their results with?

Candidates can provide their results to as many schools as they choose.

How do applicants register for and access the assessment?

Applicants can register for or access the assessment, by visiting the Soft Skills Assessment login page.

How long does it take for schools to receive results?

Results are sent to schools within 48 hours of an applicant completing the assessment.

Does the assessment expire?

Once purchased, candidates have 90 days to complete the assessment.

Do candidates need to schedule time for the assessment?

No, the assessment is delivered to candidates on-demand through a web browser and is accessible on their home computer or mobile device. Candidates do not have to complete the assessment in one sitting.