Overview of the Soft Skills Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions 

GMAC’s Soft Skills Assessment is an online assessment that provides you with objective insights into how applicants manage their work – including how they set goals, work with others, and make decisions.  

The assessment enables you to gain a holistic view of each applicant and gives you the data you need to have greater confidence in admissions decisions – leading to increased classroom contributions and engagement.

Each skill measured by GMAC's Soft Skills Assessment was identified and selected based on feedback and research from a global cohort of business school faculty, admissions and corporate recruiters.

How the assessment fits into your evaluation process

Inclusion of the assessment’s data into existing, holistic evaluation processes is simple – and provides each stakeholder a common framework for evaluating a candidate’s soft skills.  

Schools will receive the following reports within 48 hours showing a candidate's overall ranking as well as the individual ranking of each competency measured:  

  • Summary Report – gives admissions teams a quick overview of an applicant’s ranking against the global norm for each competency, while also giving a brief description of how a candidate may present each behavior.  
  • Interview Guide – contains the same ranking data as the summary report and includes a set of standardized questions and evaluation criteria for interviewers to use based on best practices for interviewing.  

The assessment complements your process by giving you tools and data to systematically evaluate program fit, cohort impact, and employability across your applicant pool, while increasing your confidence in admissions decisions.  

Assessment Structure

The assessment is 80 questions and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete the assessment, although it is untimed. Candidates can complete the assessment in multiple sittings. 

Each question asks the candidate to review three statements and choose the statement that is most true about themselves, and least true about themselves. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.  

Sample assessment item:

Benefits to Applicants

  • The assessment provides candidates the opportunity to present a comprehensive set of soft skills that they are otherwise unable to showcase.       
  • Candidates do not need to prepare and can take the assessment on their own time from their mobile device or computer.  
  • Candidates can be assured that all applicants are measured consistently and that each applicant’s performance is not the result of coaching, gaming, or external feedback – putting all applicants on a level playing field.  
  • Candidates receive a report highlighting their top three strengths, with development activities they can complete to continue developing those strengths. The report can also help them develop a stronger application and prepare for interviews.

Access Results

To access candidate Soft Skills Assessment results view this page

Lean More

To learn more about the Soft Skills Assessment, download this brochure.

Contact the Soft Skills Assessment Team to learn more and begin accepting the assessment.