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The Validity of Integrated Reasoning

IR Scores Provide Unique Information to Help Predict Success
Recently, more than a dozen schools have conducted validity studies to see not only how well the Integrated Reasoning scores predict on their own, but also how much unique information they provide over what is already known about each candidate. Read more...

What IR Data is Showing | Video 
In the fourth edition of In the Studio with GMAC, Ashok Sarathy, vice president of the GMAT program, explains what the data about test taker's performance on the integrated reasoning section of the GMAT Exam are showing.

Validity of Integrated Reasoning | Video
In this installment of our video series In the Studio, GMAC tackles the subject of validity of the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam. 

People Who Use Integrated Reasoning Skills Often Report Higher Salaries | Graduate Management News
The vast majority of graduate business school alumni use Integrated Reasoning skills on the job, and the more they use these skills, the more likely they are to be ahead of or exactly where they expected to be in their career — and the higher their median salary is, according to findings from GMAC's 2013 Alumni Perspectives Survey. Read more...

How Schools & Corporate Recruiters Use Integrated Reasoning

Integrated Reasoning, Knowing the Score | Graduate Management News 
Since the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam launched in June 2012, approximately 240,000 people have taken the test, adding even more data to research previously released by GMAC. Studies on business students, alumni, employers, and faculty affirm the value of Integrated Reasoning skills in business school and on the job. Read more...

Ernst & Young Recruiters Discuss Integrated Reasoning | Video
See how hiring managers and recruiters from Ernst & Young look for business and management school graduates with skills that are being measured in the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam.

Intel Corporate Recruiters Discuss Integrated Reasoning | Video
Recruiters from Intel Corporation discuss how Integrated Reasoning is used in the hiring process and the workplace.

Liberty Mutual Recruiters Discuss Integrated Reasoning | Video
Watch this video to learn how recruiters from Liberty Mutual Insurance use the skills tested in the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam not only in the hiring process but in the workplace. 

Integrated Reasoning Scoring Information 

Integrated Reasoning Band Reports | Video
In the fifth edition of In the Studio with GMAC, Ashok Sarathy, Vice President GMAT program provides an overview of customized IR band reports that are available to all GMAT accepting programs.

Score Reporting Timeline | Video
In this segment of our video series In the Studio, Ashok Sarathy, Vice President, GMAT Program discusses the delay experienced by schools receiving official GMAT score reports with Sabrina White, Market Development Director, Americas.

Integrated Reasoning Scoring Guide Discussion | Video
In our inaugural edition of our In the Studio video series, Ashok Sarathy, Vice President, GMAT Program responds to requests from schools for a scoring guide for the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam.

Learn About Integrated Reasoning

GMAT with Integrated Reasoning | Video
In this video, learn how the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam provides another data point to differentiate candidates abilities to manage large amounts of data, discern the relative importance of information, and make sound decisions supported by data.

Integrated Reasoning & Admissions | Webinar Replay
New GMAC data provides insight into six months of GMAT testing with Integrated Reasoning. This webinar recording explores the relationship between Integrated Reasoning scores and other elements of an applicant’s profile. A panel of admission directors share insights into the role that Integrated Reasoning has played in their admissions process.

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