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Over 680,000 candidates have taken the GMAT Exam with Integrated Reasoning. Learn about this recently added section and how it aids in finding the best incoming class for your program.

Computer technology has made more data─and more types of data─more accessible than ever before. An increasingly data-driven world demands managers who can make sound judgments, discern patterns, and combine verbal and quantitative reasoning to solve problems. The Integrated Reasoning section measures these skills in incoming management students.

The GMAT Exam Meets the Evolving Needs of Schools

A test by schools, for schools, the GMAT exam changed to meet the needs of graduate management programs since its launch in 1954. The skills being tested by the Integrated Reasoning section were identified in a survey of 740 management faculty worldwide as important for today’s incoming students. The Integrated Reasoning score provides another data point for schools to differentiate among candidates for their programs.

The GMAT exam, now with Integrated Reasoning, has been developed with the guidance of program directors, faculty, and admissions professionals. Special thanks goes to the members of these advisory groups, and the schools they represented, for their guidance and support.

Hear What Employers Are Saying about Integrated Reasoning

View our infographic on the importance of data analysis skills to corporate recruiters