GMAT™ Online Exam FAQs

Answers to Common Questions 

What is the GMAT™ Online exam?

The GMAT™ online exam is an online and remote proctored solution to offer your more convenience and flexibility to your testing strategy. GMAT™ online is an option for those looking to take the GMAT™ in their own environment.

Scores are valid for five (5) years.  Candidates can take the GMAT™ online exam up to two times. All GMAT™ online exam attempts will count towards your 5 GMAT™ Exam attempts during a rolling 12-month period and 8 lifetime limits. Online and test center appointments will be combined to determine your eligibility for future appointments.  

Online exams will include the AWA section, the ability to select Section Order, two optional 8-minute breaks, an unofficial score preview at the end of the exam.  

Who can take GMAT™ Online?

While the GMAT™ online exam is open to all test takers, with a few exceptions where prohibited by local regulations, the online format is intended to help those who need to meet upcoming b-school deadlines complete their applications.

Can candidates take the GMAT™ Online exam more than once?

Candidates will be allowed two GMAT™ online exam attempts.

Starting October 20, 2021 candidates' exam attempts for the online exam will increase and count toward their total exam attempt limits – 5 in a rolling 12-month period and 8 in a lifetime.

Note: Candidates can take the GMAT™ online exam once every 16 calendar days. However, they may have a GMAT test center appointment within 16 calendar days of a GMAT™ online exam appointment. .

Can a candidate take the GMAT™ online exam if test centers in their region are open?

The GMAT™ online exam is open to all test takers, particularly those who aim to meet upcoming application deadlines. If test centers in a candidate’s location are open and they feel safe accessing a test center facility, candidates are have the option to take the exam at the test center.

Please note that we are closely following local government directives to ensure the health and safety of our test takers and test center staff. All our test centers that are currently open have enhanced safety, social distancing, and hygiene practices in place.

What is the structure of the GMAT™ online exam?

Candidates will have the flexibility to choose from three options for their exam's section order:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal
  • Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment

To enable comparability, GMAT™ online exam sections have the same type and number of items and section times as the exam administered in test centers. It also uses the same scoring algorithm and score scale for the Section Scores and Total Score as the test center-based version.  Scores for both the test center and online versions of the exam are valid for five (5) years. 

Where will the GMAT™ online exam be available?

The GMAT™ online is available in all locations, with the exception of: Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan due to regulatory and local data privacy rules.

Please note that proctoring and support for the GMAT™ online exam is only offered in English. There will be no local language support available.

How can test takers prepare for the exam? Does it require any special prep materials?

Test takers who have prepared to take the GMAT™ exam in person can feel confident in continuing their online practice with the GMAT™ Official Practice materials, as that preparation is fully relevant to the interim online, proctored experience. In addition to this, to help candidates prepare to use the online whiteboard that is available with the GMAT™ online exam, we have created an Online Whiteboard Practice tool that candidates can practice with and get comfortable doing scratch work on before taking their exam.

What accommodations are offered for test takers with disabilities?

While every accommodation we currently provide within our testing centers may not be feasible within an on-line format, GMAC is committed to providing equal access to our assessments to the extent possible. We currently provided extended time and extended break accommodations and will continue to work to provide additional accommodations to our candidates.

GMAT™ online  Candidates can continue to submit their accommodation requests via the submission process now established on

Is the online exam offered on both Windows and Mac computers?

The GMAT™ online can be taken on personal computers with Mac or Windows operating systems. View the system requirements here.

How many programs will candidates be able to send scores to for free and what will be the cost thereafter?

Included with the GMAT™ online exam fee candidates have the flexibility and control to see their official score before selecting programs to send their score to. After receiving and reviewing their official score, candidates have the opportunity to send their score to selected programs via their account. In addition, all score sending is complimentary, and there is no cost to the candidate to send their GMAT™ online exam score to any program.

When will schools receive scores and how will they access them?

Official GMAT™ online exam scores will be made available to schools within 8 hours of the candidate’s request. Schools will be able to access scores by logging into, navigating to their profile page, and selecting ‘Access Scores’ from the profile page. 

For candidates that have sent scores from multiple GMAT™ online exam attempts, Schools will now see a row for each score that was sent to their program by a unique candidate. Scores will be ordered in reverse chronological order, displaying the most recent appointment on top and oldest appointment at the bottom. 

Note: Scores for GMAT™ exams delivered at a test center cannot be accessed here; these will continue to be accessible via the Score Report Website. 

What security protocols are in place to ensure fairness and prevent cheating?

Human proctors, supported by state-of the-art technology, ensure the security and integrity of the exam, and fairness to all test takers. All test takers will be authenticated via their digital photograph, an approved form of valid ID and live check-in via a human proctor before starting the exam. The workspace is also thoroughly reviewed and monitored before and during the exam. The exam is being monitored at all times, via the live video feed, by human proctors, supported by AI technology.

Will fee waivers and vouchers available for the GMAT™ Online exam?

GMAT™ Online exam fee waivers can be requested by reaching out to, with the following information (please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be processed):  

  • university name, school name
  • requester first and last name, email, title.
  • number of waivers, and any additional description information.

Each fee waiver code is good for the entire GMAT™ Online exam fee and must be used before March 1, 2021 (subject to change as the situation evolves).  
GMAT™ test center exam fee waivers can be requested here. Note: due to global test center closures, we understand that you may not have been able to use your existing GMAT™ fee waivers. Existing GMAT™ exam received prior to 6/30/2020 those have now been extended through 6/30/2021.

How do I order GMAT Online exam vouchers?

You can order voucher by clicking the “GMAT Online Voucher Form” button here. Please allow up to 3 business days for your requests to be processed.