Updates to Unofficial Score Report

The Unofficial Score Report that GMAT test takers receive at the test center has a new look

Part of that new look includes security verbiage for School Professionals, more specifically, for admissions staff. The new verbiage reads:

For School Professionals

Please use the GMAT™ Official Score Report to validate information on this unofficial document, if you are unsure of how to access GMAT Official Scores please visit gmac.com/scoresonline.

Why has this verbiage been added?

Occasionally, candidates will doctor their unofficial score report by giving themselves higher scores than they received, then submit the doctored report to schools. The fraudulent unofficial score report typically isn't discovered until the school goes to the Score Reporting Website to download the Official Score Report or notices that the student is underperforming in class and contacts GMAC to inquire about the GMAT test results. GMAC Test Security will request a copy of the unofficial score report the school received and, more often than not, will discover the unofficial score report is fake.  To avoid the unnecessary work in processing applications with fraudulent unofficial score reports, we recommend that schools download the Official Score Report from the Score Reporting Website before starting any activity on the admission exercise.

How do we avoid admitting candidates with fraudulent unofficial score reports?

Always download the Official Score Report from the Score Reporting Website. Candidates may submit an 'Official Score Report - Test Taker Copy'. Keep in mind that hard copies of official score reports can be altered by candidates as well.  If the candidate doesn't or won't have the Official Score Report sent to your school, contact GMAC test security at testsecurity@gmac.com. Do not admit the candidate to the program until the situation has been investigated.