Frequently Asked Questions about Reflect.

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What are the Benefits of Reflect for my students?

  • Gain a personal awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and be better prepared to present themselves in interviews. 
  • Learn what it means to be a low, moderate or high performer in each competency. 
  • Leverage a customized action plan and a virtual executive coach to improve performance. 
  • Develop ways to enhance strengths and mitigate weaknesses. 
  • Use benchmark data to understand drivers of success in potential career paths, and discover areas for development based on career goals.

What are the benefits to my program?

  • Provides your students access to a virtual executive coach, thereby maximizing your resources.
  • Includes free online facilitator training to understand how to help your students interpret individual results. 
  • Access to aggregate data about your students so you can compare them over time and with other graduate programs. 
  • Allows you to craft cohorts based on more than resumes, GPA or test scores. 
  • Benchmark against graduate business programs or the business world so you can develop leadership training programs that fit your needs.

How are results presented?

We have updated the Reflect score scale from a number-based scale to a continuum-based scale as a result of feedback received from both purchasers and users. It's important to keep in mind that no matter where on the continuum results fall, they can indicate both positive and negative attributes.

How much does Reflect cost?

The retail price is US$99.99; bulk pricing is available. To learn more, contact

What's included in Reflect?

Access to the Hogan assessment, Reflect customized report results, and learning resources for 36 months to build action plan.

How does my school purchase Reflect?

You can purchase Reflect by visiting and pay using a credit card, a PO or an invoice.