About Executive Assessment Official Prep

We've added answers to some frequently asked questions About Official EA Prep Materials in this section, but please contact us if you don't find the information you need. Additional FAQ categories are listed below.

What is Executive Assessment Official Prep?

The Executive Assessment Official Prep allows you to get familiar with the assessment and question formats, so you can study with assurance knowing what the Executive Assessment is really like. Explore Official Prep here.

How do I access my Prep materials once I have completed my purchase?

To access and begin using your new Executive Assessment Official Prep materials, you need to activate your voucher and create an account on eaofficialprep.gmac.com. After completing your prep purchase, you will receive an email receipt which contains the voucher code for the product(s) purchased. Navigate to the voucher page and enter the voucher code. From here, you are prompted to create an account. Follow the steps provided to finish activating your voucher.

Why did I only receive one voucher code when I purchased multiple products?

EA Official Prep products only dispense one voucher per order, giving you access to each of the product(s) you purchased. EA Official Prep materials do not require a voucher for each product. For example, if you purchased the Bundle Plus, the single voucher code grants you access to each individual product. If you purchase the practice assessments, the single voucher code grants you access to the two practice assessments.