Guidelines for Using GMAC Trademarks

Graduate Management Admission Council trademarks function just as other trademarks do: They identify brand names. And just like other trademarks, it is important to reference them correctly. It is unlawful to misuse or exploit the use of GMAC and other GMAC trademarks. You can avoid missteps by referencing the following guidelines and requirements based on trademark laws in the US and other countries.

Selection & Display

Select the appropriate trademark for the GMAC brand you are referencing, and clearly display the following  trademark notice and disclaimer on the cover, title page, welcome screen, home page, packaging, labeling, or advertising of your publication, product, or website:

[Name of the GMAC trademark you selected] is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission CouncilTM. The Graduate Management Admission CouncilTM does not endorse, and is not affiliated with the owner or content of [name your publication, product, or website].

Which Symbol to Use

  • Use the registered trademark symbol "®" after the mark with all registered GMAC trademarks.
  • Use the “TM” symbol after the mark with all non-registered GMAC trademarks.

When & Where to Display Symbols

  • In general – display symbols with the first or, preferably, the most prominent reference to a GMAC trademark on the front, back, and spines of book covers, CD (ROM) labels, and in each separate section, product packaging, title page, and software opening screen.
  • In print materials – the symbol should appear with the GMAC mark on the first reference on the first page where the trademark term or phrase appears.
  • On websites – the symbol should appear with the GMAC mark in page display names, in subheads, and on the first reference on each page where the mark appears. Each page is considered a separate “work,” because each page can be printed singly.

Correct Use of Trademarks

  • Only use trademarks as adjectives, and follow them immediately with a generic noun. For example, GMAT® test or GMATPrep® software.
  • Trademarks should never stand alone as a title and never be used as nouns in other contexts.
  • Always make trademarks singular.
  • Hyphenating and making them possessive is not permitted.
  • Visually separate your company name or trademark from any GMAC trademark that you reference to prevent GMAC products and services from being confused with your company’s work.
  • Always show GMAC trademarks in plain block letters and avoid altering trademarks in any way, including:
    • Adding designs, stylized typeface, or making other transformations
    • Rendering them significantly more prominent than other words in a title or description
    • Making the font color different from that of other words in the title or description
  • Do not make any GMAC trademark a part of your own business name, as part of a brand name for your products, or as part of your own trademarks.
  • Test preparation companies are only allowed to use the GMAC trademarks in domain names and on web sites to the extent necessary to identify the nature of the test preparation services being offered. Any other use of the GMAC trademarks is an infringement of the GMAC trademark rights.
  • Use trademarks in their language of origin. Translating or transliterating trademarks violates trademark laws.