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GMAC is committed to providing you with access to your personal information, informing you about how to express your preferences concerning your personal information, and withdrawing your consent and deleting your personal information when requested as described more fully below.

You may access your personal information maintained by GMAC by visiting your account online or by contacting us by email, online form, or telephone. You may also receive your information in electronically portable form or request that your information be forgotten by those we have shared the information with by contacting us by email, online form, or telephone.

You may also exercise your right to object to or restrict processing by contacting us by email, online form, or telephone.

You should also visit our sections about Local Privacy Requirements and the Cookies and Similar Technologies sections for more information about your personal information and changing your preferences.

Deleting Your Information

You may request that we delete the information in your account. This, however, may limit your ability to use our services for an extended period of time. For example, for security reasons, if your GMAT exam information is deleted, you will be unable to create an account or take the GMAT exam for five years. It may take up to 90 days to fully inactivate or delete your account due to the complexity of the process.

Test Takers

In most cases, to access and modify your preferences, go to your profile or contact GMAT Customer Service. However, there are some limitations on what may be changed. For example:
  • A test taker may only change his/her name in certain circumstances by calling or faxing GMAT Customer Service; name changes cannot be made online; and
  • To protect the security and integrity of tests, certain information cannot be altered or destroyed for 10 years, including your test scores, records related to your testing experience (“test records”), and the digital photograph and signature required to help verify your identify.

If you are testing in a country where you are permitted access to view restricted information such as biometrics, you may request to do so by contacting

Accommodation Requesters

If you have submitted a request for disability accommodations and would like your request and medical documentation withdrawn and deleted, please send an email request to Upon receipt, your accommodations request and supporting information will be permanently removed from our system.

Score Report Recipients

Score Report recipients can access their information by visiting the “Manage Users” or “View My Profile” functions available on the Score Reporting website. Alternatively, you may contact GMAC to update your information on the Score Reporting website on your behalf.

Our Website, Products and Services Users

If you have an profile, you can change your communication preferences by logging into that account. You are also provided with unsubscribe and opt out options in GMAC marketing communications. You also have the option to withdraw your consent for our use of your personal information at any time by contacting our Customer Service group and providing us with written notice. If you exercise this option, you agree that you will no longer be entitled to use and have access to our websites or the services we provide.

Event Registrants

You can access your personal information by going to your profile located on or by contacting


Members can access their personal information by visiting your profile located on or by contacting Please note that deans and representatives may not opt-out of communications related to their governance responsibilities.

Individual Survey Participants and Participating Institution representatives

You can access and modify your information by contacting