Our Use of Personal Information

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Processing & Sharing Your Personal Information
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Generally, GMAC processes your personal information through automated and other means for the following purposes:
  • to administer our tests, other products, services, and events;
  • to provide information about graduate management educational programs that might interest you;
  • to provide customized information to you regarding our products, services, events, or graduate education interests and motivations;
  • to provide additional information on graduate management programs that might interest you;
  • to conduct research and surveys;
  • to enhance, improve, and develop our products and services;
  • to operate our business;
  • to communicate with you and for marketing, promotional, and advertising purposes;
  • to improve our websites; and
  • for the purposes described in the Processing and Sharing Your Personal Information section.

Registering for Tests

We use the personal information collected from test takers to communicate with test takers, process the testing request and payment, to allow GMAC and its service providers to administer tests, to enable score distribution, provide access to the designated score report recipients, for research and product development improvement, and to provide test security and fraud prevention.

We use palm vein pattern scans (where permitted by law), your digital photograph, and your signature to compare the images against those of other test takers for fraud detection purposes. For more information about our use of palm vein pattern scans, please visit here. We may also view and use the audio and video of test sessions (where permitted by law) for specific fraud detection purposes.

Test Accommodations

If you are requesting a test accommodation for a disability, the information that we collect from you will be used to respond to and evaluate your request for test accommodations. We will also use your contact information to communicate with you and third parties, if authorized by you.

Products and Services

We use your personal information to administer our products and services and for research, product development and improvement. We also use your information to communicate with you regarding the respective products or services and to provide you with customer support.

Customized Services

For certain services, GMAC provides customized information to better serve you. For instance, when you complete the "What Motivates You" tool on mba.com or on a school's site, we may use your information to provide you resources that fit your motivations.

We may use your personal information that you have provided to offer additional information and recommendations on graduate management programs that might interest you.

For individuals that have registered on mba.com, after removing identifying information, your information is combined with that of others with similar interests, score sending patterns, test performance, and backgrounds. This information is aggregated and is used to make graduate management education program recommendations to individuals that have taken or may be taking the GMAT exam without disclosing personal information; only program information is provided.

Member Schools

We use information collected from authorized representatives of member schools to provide governance and membership information, to communicate with schools, and to provide news regarding GMAC and our products and services. 


We use the information we collect from you when you register for an event to
  • administer the event; 
  • process payment; 
  • communicate with you concerning the event;
  • provide an attendee list to other attendees, sponsors and exhibitors (you may opt-out of this list); 
  • populate event apps (if you choose to use them), and;
  • provide business analysis information concerning events.

Photographs, video, or audio recordings of event participants may be taken by or on behalf of GMAC at our events. These may be used by GMAC and its service providers or sponsors for instructional, informational, promotional, and other business purposes.

GMAC Conference Event App

We use your attendee registration information and gmac.com registration information to pre-populate your event app account. Within the app we provide the ability to share, at your direction, your personal information with some social networks and with other attendees. At the event, GMAC simplifies your sharing of your personal information with exhibitors or GMAC staff through the use of scanning codes.


We use personal information we collect from you to deliver and personalize our communications with you. For example, we may contact you by email or other means to inform you when a test is upcoming, remind you about an event, invite you to participate in a survey, or tell you that you need to take action to keep your account active.

We may also use your information to send you information which may be of interest to you such as relevant articles or schools for consideration.

To see how you may manage your preferences or to unsubscribe from these activities see the Your Access and Choices section in this privacy statement.

Marketing and Advertising

We use your personal information to send you marketing communications to inform you of products, events, promotions, research, and services that may be of interest to you including information from GMAC, GMAC controlled subsidiaries and corporate affiliates, and our strategic partners. We may also use tracking technologies, such as web beacons to track your device to deliver interest based advertising. To see how you can manage your preferences for these activities see the Your Access and Choices section in this privacy statement. To learn more about interest based advertising, see the Cookies and Similar Technologies section in this privacy statement.

Product and Market Development

To improve and/or develop new products, services, and events, GMAC may conduct product and market development analyses based on information in our databases. The information in our databases is aggregated and de-identified prior to analysis to create user summaries. Each summary represents multiple, unidentifiable users. Prior to creating the summaries, the original information may be combined with publicly available information from third parties.


We regularly conduct research studies with individuals and organizations on various topics related to graduate management education and users of our products and services. We use your personal information to:
  • ask you to participate in surveys;
  • administer the survey;
  • personalize survey invitations;
  • communicate with you;
  • contact you about follow-up reports, and;
  • administer survey-related sweepstakes.

We combine information from individuals who respond to surveys into aggregated, anonymized reports that are shared publicly. We remove personal information from these reports. Additionally, the reports contain information on groups of respondents, not individuals. GMAC’s minimum acceptable group sizes are defined to protect confidentiality of the individuals in each group. We use information such as opinions, attitudes, background information, and evaluations of our products and services and may combine it with information that you have provided to us for other purposes, and we have already collected.

The aggregated information may be combined with information that we have already collected, such as demographics or GMAT exam scores. For more information, visit our GMAC Research Services: Survey Participation Privacy and Confidentiality page.

Fraud Prevention, Security and Dispute Resolution

We use your personal and aggregated information to detect and prevent fraud, to confirm authorized users, to resolve disputes, and to enforce our agreements.

Continuous Improvement

We use information to continually improve our products, services, and our websites.