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A great way to connect with your colleagues around the globe.

We hope you'll find this online Member Directory useful, and we invite your suggestions for its improvement. Please note that this is a secure site and is intended for use only by GMAC governing school personnel, members of the GMAC Board of Directors, and members of GMAC committees, task forces, and advisory groups.

All professionals registered on with GMAC Member Schools may access our online Member Directory. For more information about, please visit the GMAC Membership Policy & Values page.

What's in the Directory?

The member directory features six sections:

  • Governing Schools (search by institution name)
  • School Professionals (search by an individual's first and last name)
  • GMAC Board of Directors (a list of members)
  • Committees (a list of committees, management advisory groups, and task forces)
  • GMAC and Partners (a list of the GMAC and Diversity Pipeline Alliance staff)
  • Advanced Search

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Can't Find the Contact Information You Need?

Our FAQs provide information on whom to contact and where to look for information about various GMAC activities.

Help Keep the Directory Current

To maintain the most current information, we ask that you review and update your personal information on a regular basis. Click the "Profile" button above to update your contact information and upload a photo.

We also ask Primary and Alternate Representatives to periodically review your school’s Member Directory listing and request changes using our new automated form:

  • Update your school’s member directory listing
  • Review who has access to services
  • Send emails to colleagues with outdated contact info
  • Suggest colleagues we can invite to register on

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