Deans Digest

An archive of the online newsletter designed exclusively for deans of graduate management education schools and programs.

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We at GMAC we are well acquainted with one of the unique challenges deans face: staying abreast of high-level strategic information within extreme time constraints.

Deans Digest was launched in 2003 to provide up-to-date on information regarding the GMAT® exam, GMAC activities, and other matters related to graduate management education. Back issues of Deans Digest are available in the archive.

Deans Digest

Deans Digest Merges with Graduate Management News

In 2010, after a seven-year run, we merged Deans Digest with Graduate Management News. The combined digital monthly newsletter offers the best of both publications. Deans Digest mainstays, such as The Alsop Perspective and Under the Hood, a peek at the GMAT exam, are now combined with GM News hallmarks, such as highlights of our latest research as well as video and interactive elements.

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