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GMAC is dedicated to helping schools across Africa elevate the quality and reputation of their graduate management education programs.

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We at GMAC are dedicated to helping schools around the world elevate the quality and reputation of their graduate management education programs through talent evaluation, assessment services, and related programs. For more than 50 years, we have supported schools’ efforts to make their students aspirations a reality by providing schools with the tools, products, and services they need to meet their admissions, program, and marketing and recruitment goals.

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Start Accepting GMAT Exam Scores

Businesses and governments throughout Africa understand that the caliber of students in graduate management education is a key to achieving economic sustainability. The GMAT exam is the proven leader globally in assessing the academic skills needed to succeed in management education and beyond. GMAT scores offer admissions professionals a consistent measure to evaluate applicants from around the world.

The steps to accepting the GMAT are easy:

  1. Review the criteria for becoming a GMAT score recipient.
  2. Download and submit the an application form for institutions to receive GMAT scores.
  3. Once you have received your GMAT score-receiving code(s), you'll want to:
    • Include language in your promotional materials to promote your program.
    • Encourage students to submit their GMAT score with their application to your program.
    • Provide information for prospective students by directing them to visit

Start Accepting GMAT Exam Scores

Reap the Benefits of Accepting GMAT Scores

Accepting and requiring the GMAT exam delivers the following advantages to your institution:

  • Gives admissions professionals a consistent, objective measure of skills above all application variables, including language, country, cultures, and educational background.
  • Establishes selectivity for your program and sends a message to prospective students that quality matters.
  • Lets you create a pipeline of quality candidates and enables your program to be more selective regardless of application volume.
  • Helps your program compete for domestic students who would otherwise study abroad, and offers them a less costly alternative.
  • Attracts African expatriates who would like to return to study in Africa, but currently can’t find high-quality programs that meet their needs.
  • Heightens the reputation of your program by joining others that are distinguished by their commitment to excellence.

Find and Connect with Prospects

GMAC also helps you find top talent through a combination of recruiting services and leadership opportunities, including the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®), a database that contains nearly 400,000 qualified and interested potential applicants, and professional development opportunities for admissions personnel geared toward networking, learning, and the exchange of ideas.

Build a Pipeline of Qualified Candidates

Students from countries across Africa are concerned that they underperform their non-African counterparts on the GMAT exam. Graduate management programs that promote preparation – through access to tools and materials, or through faculty/alumni networks and related events – will help improve performances on the exam and contribute to a sustainable pipeline of quality talent across the continent. GMAC offers a wide range of resources aimed at building awareness among potential graduate management education candidates, and promoting careers in management and the importance of enrolling in quality programs.

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Please contact:

Ronald I. Sibert, MBA, Ph.D.
Africa Business Development Director
Phone: (703) 668-9816


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