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Betsy Kacizak, Professional Education and Training Senior Manager at GMAC explains how admissions professionals can use GMASS to recruit business school talent.

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GMASS Search Service

Did you know that nearly three quarters of all registrants opt-in to participate in GMASS? They are waiting to hear from you. Use the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®) database of 355,000 qualified leads to build your best class. Your subscription allows you to customize candidate searches using criteria that fit your specific recruiting needs.

The benefits of a GMASS subscription are enormous, it allows you to:

  • Target your audience: choose from more than 30 search criteria such as age, location, work experience, and GMAT exam score range.
  • Connect with current candidates: the global GMASS database is updated daily.
  • Find the best candidates anytime, anywhere: using our easy-to-use web-based application.
  • Create custom searches: receive automatic results daily, weekly, or monthly.

Three Easy Steps to Getting Started

It’s free and takes less than five minutes!

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From a wide range of search criteria, as illustrated below, you can recruit strategically, diversify your class, and fill specialized scholarships and fellowships.

GMASS Search Criteria


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