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Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool

Boost your workplace performance with a powerful professional development tool.

Effective leaders and successful business people share a unique advantage – an awareness of their strengths and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

We created the Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool to help professionals gain a deeper understanding of how they approach challenges, solve problems, and interact with others. Reflect

Your personalized Reflect Report contains actionable tips and learning resources that will help you develop your leadership skills and improve job performance. Your report includes: 

  • Detailed information on what your score in each of 10 key soft skills means for you
  • Learning resources and development tips that are specific to your strengths and development opportunities
  • List of 12 behaviors to start, stop, and keep doing, along with action tips that will help you implement those behaviors 
  • Customizable workplan that you can fill with articles, books, and videos
  • Benchmarking information on 14 career families so you can focus on improving the skills considered most important in your job

Like a professional career coach, the Reflect™ Tool equips you with qualities and skills that are valuable in the workplace and critical to career success.

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