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The GMAT Validity Study Service helps you predict success.

What You Get

School officials tell us they find the probability of success table very helpful. The matrix below shows the probability of a student falling in the bottom fourth of the grades in the class based on GMAT score and undergraduate GPA.

VSS Matrix

The report will tell you not only how well your admission procedures work, but can also include:

  • How important specific variables are in predicting success.
  • How to weight variables like test scores, work, and grades for different student populations (male/female, traditional/non-traditional, and domestic/international).
  • Whether different programs at your school should weight different admissions factors differently.
  • How well specially admitted students do in your program.
  • How closely GMAT scores and grades correlate with success in your program compared with other business programs.

Prepare for Your own Validity Study Today

Your VSS report will be most valuable when you customize the study to your school and include the variables that are important. The more information you provide, the more detailed results you will receive to help you with your admissions decisions. Typically demographic, admission, and performance data about your students is recommended to include in your study.

What are the steps for conducting a validity study?

Send an email to to begin the process. We will discuss your goals and provide recommendations for what data to include.   

What data is typically recommended?

Each school submits data that is relevant to them, below are some of the commonly included variables:  

  • A unique identifier for each student (excluding sensitive information such as social security number). This is used if we need to verify a data entry.
  • GMAT Scores: The VSS will process the data as long as any of the GMAT scores are available, but data must be scaled scores, not percentiles. 
  • Mid-Program GPA: This usually represents average grades in core classes, but you can define the outcome to be any similar GPA or outcome variable. 
  • Demographics: Year of birth, gender, and citizenship.
  • Admission Data: Undergraduate GPA, work experience.

When should I expect to receive my results?

GMAC staff will begin work on your study soon after the data is received. Although study time should vary for each school, you should expect to hear from GMAC about your study within a few weeks. The report (pdf) will be delivered via email to the person who submitted the data. 

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have any questions, please contact or +1 (703) 668-9788.

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