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2014 Application Trends Survey Report

R. Estrada and P. Bruggeman

This year’s GMAC Application Trends Survey—the 15th since 2000—included participants from 748 programs that represent 314 business schools and faculties around the globe.

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Data relate to applications for graduate business and management programs in the 2014–2015 academic year. Participating programs represent 32 countries worldwide, including 41 US states and the District of Columbia. By program type, survey respondents include 469 MBA programs, 259 specialized business master’s programs, and 20 doctoral programs.

The GMAC Application Trends Survey is the industry source for comprehensive statistics and timely insights into the demand for graduate management education worldwide. Since 2000, this survey of admission professionals has provided information on application volume trends, applicant pool composition, recruitment strategies, acceptance and enrollment rates, and incoming class size.

Overall trends for applications to graduate management programs in 2014 show the following:

  • Worldwide, for the second consecutive year, a majority of full-time two-year MBA programs report rising or stable application volume.
  • Other program formats, noticeably full-time one-year MBA, and some professional MBA and specialized business master's programs, are reporting flat or declining volume.
  • Foreign candidates account for a significant portion of the applicant pool for many MBA and business master's programs and thus are driving changes in year-on-year application volume globally.
  • 70% of programs expect levels of employer reimbursement in 2014 to remain the same as last year.

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