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School Survey Opportunities

Our 2016 Alumni Perspectives Survey launches on September 28th. School signup has been extended to October 10th. Get the most from GMAC research by participating in this important study. Go to www.gmac.com/surveysignup to sign up your school. 

 By Date  

First Quarter 2016

  January 2016
  • School signup open for Corporate Recruiters Survey.
  February 2016
  • School signup closes for Corporate Recruiters Survey.
  • Preliminary Application Trends Survey in the field.
  • Corporate Recruiters Survey launches.  
  March 2016
  • Corporate Recruiters Survey closes.
  • Preliminary Application Trends Survey Report released to participants. 
  • Alumni Perspectives Survey Report released to public.

Second Quarter 2016

  May 2016   June 2016
  • Corporate Recruiters Survey Report released.
  • Application Trends Survey launches.
  • GMAT testing year 2016 closes June 30.

Third Quarter 2016

  July 2016
  • GMAT testing year 2017 begins July 1. 
  August 2016
  • Application Trends Survey Benchmark and Interactive Research Reports released to schools.
  September 2016

Fourth Quarter 2016 

  September 2016 
  • Alumni Perspectives Survey launches with school participation.

  November 2016
  • Alumni Perspectives Survey closes.
  • Profile of GMAT Candidates, TY2012 to TY 2016 released to public.
  • Year-End Poll of Employers in the field. 
  December 2016
  • Corporate Recruiters Survey school signup begins.
  • Year-End Poll of Employers Report released.     

By Project Title

  • February/March: Survey Report and Data Reports released.
  • September/November: Survey in the field.
  • February: Preliminary Survey in the field.
  • March: Preliminary Survey Report released to participants.
  • June-July: Application Trends Survey in the field.
  • August: Benchmark & Interactive Reports released to participants.
  • September: Survey Reports released to participants and the public.
  • December-January: Schools sign up and submit their employer lists.
  • February-March: Survey open to employers (mid-February to mid-March).
  • May: Survey Report & Interactive/Benchmark Reports released to participants.
  • May/June: Survey Report released to the public.
  • Monthly: Survey launched to individuals who registered on mba.com three months prior.
  • April/May: Survey Report and Interactive Data Report released.
  • June 30: Current GMAT testing year (TY) closes.
  • July 1: New GMAT testing year begins.
  • November: Updated test-taker data released.

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