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2015 Global Grads Survey Cover, largeWhat do your students have to say about their graduate business school experience? You’ll find out come late spring, when we publish the findings from our 2015 Global Management Education Graduate Survey.

This survey, GMAC's annual exit poll of students in their final year of graduate business school, was just launched on February 11, 2015 and will remain open until March 20, 2015. The summary report analyzing student responses will be available in June.

Your school stands to gain useful insights from this survey about how your students assess the value of their management education and how successful they have been in their job search, including expected industries, work locations, salaries, and more.

We thank all participating schools for encouraging your graduating students to contribute to this important research study. It ensures that your school hears direct feedback from your current graduating class about the outcomes of their management education and its impact on their careers.

Take a look at our brief graphical snapshot of the industries where class of 2014 graduates have been most successful in landing jobs this year.

Our Latest Report

GMAC Survey Report

2014 Summary Report

A total of 3,049 students who graduated in 2014 from 111 universities worldwide participated in our survey, which we conducted in February and March 2014. Survey respondents represented 20 countries worldwide and 92 citizenship groups.

Highlights from the 2014 Report

  • Nearly three in five (57%) graduating students in an active job search in 2014 had received at least one offer of employment at the time of this survey. This is slightly below, but still on par with, class of 2013 graduates (60%) and nearly twice the rate of students in the class of 2010 (32%).
  • More than half of graduating students this year received job offers in finance/accounting, consulting, and products/services; but those searching in health care and manufacturing sectors were more likely to have job offers.
  • The median expected increase in post-degree salaries is 80 percent over pre-degree salaries, which is up slightly from 73 percent in 2013.
  • Graduates in 2014 reported the greatest improvement in their knowledge of general business functions, abilities to manage decision-making processes and strategy and innovation, and the combined skills of learning, motivation and leadership. 

Read more about career prospects for b-school grads in the Graduate Management News June article, Business School Graduates Can Find Opportunity in Careers Beyond the Usual.

Related Reports

The following reports are exclusively available to this year's participating schools:

Interactive Data Research Tool and Benchmark Report

The updated format of the Interactive Data Research Tool lets you configure more filters for the most customizable view to date. Available to all schools that participated in the survey, this tool allows the user to explore survey responses by many variables including graduates’ job search efforts, expected industries and salaries, and the value of their education. The robust Benchmark Tool allows participating business schools to create and download instant peer-to-peer comparison reports from aggregated survey data from a list of schools and programs represented by survey respondents. View a demo of our benchmark tools and see for yourself the competitive advantages you’ll gain when you participate in GMAC surveys!

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