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Be sure to include your alumni in our Alumni Perspectives Survey, which will now be administered with school cooperation for even more data and benchmarking at the individual program level.

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Global Management Education Graduate Survey

See how well programs are meeting student needs.

Get the latest on graduate career aspirations and early job search success.

The Global Management Education Graduate Survey is our annual poll of students in their final year of graduate business school. A total of 5,331 students at 159 business schools worldwide participated in our 2013 survey. More than half (54%) were non-US citizens and 42% attended programs outside the United States. (See the survey methodology for details.)

Our 2014 Global Graduate Survey is now underway. Check the survey timeline for important dates and instructions for participation. Get the full details.


Summary Reports

Dream Job Highway ExitJob Search: Class of 2013
Class of 2013 graduates entered school well prepared, equipped with years of work experience and specific future aspirations in mind. More than half (60%) of job seekers had received job offers at the time of the survey. Find out which job search methods had the greatest success rates and the ways students can maximize their educational experience to secure timely job offers and boost their salary potential after graduation.

Data Reports

The following reports are exclusively available to participating schools.

Statistical Briefs
The new Statistical Briefs give you quick access to data about student employment goals, company preferences, and early job search success by program type and school location. The 2013 Global Management Education Graduate Survey briefs include analyses for 10 degree types in the regions of China, India, Rest of Asia/Pacific Islands, Europe, Latin America, Canada, and the United States.

Interactive Benchmark Report
Our robust benchmark tools for schools let you create and download instant peer-to-peer comparison reports.

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