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Fresh out of business school, the employment status, starting salary, and value assessment of class of 2014 alumni about their degree can set the tone for your conversations with next year’s applicants. Be sure to read “The Class of 2014: Insights from the Newest Crop of B-School Alumni,” in the November issue of Graduate Management News

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New findings from more than 12,000 b-school alumni surveyed by GMAC reveal alumni consistently rise to higher professional levels, earn more and give high marks to the value of their education.

The results presented in the 2015 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report offer a global snapshot of employment and career progression for graduate business alumni representing class years 1959 through 2014. Conducted by GMAC in October and November 2014, the survey represents alumni from more than 230 graduate business programs at 71 participating universities in 16 locations across the globe.

In addition to profiling alumni job levels, salaries, educational outcomes, and engagement with their alma maters, the 2015 report measures entrepreneurial behavior in the workplace, defined through traits of innovativeness, proactiveness, and social risk taking.

Our Latest Report

GMAC Survey Report 2015 Survey Report

Highlights from the 2015 Report

  • Business school alumni rise fast in the workplace and have high levels of job satisfaction. The majority of alumni held mid-level positions one year after earning their degree. Five years after graduation, the majority of business school alumni are in senior-level positions or higher, and at 10 years, 1 in 4 alumni are in executive positions, and 5 percent are in the "c-suite" (CEO, CFO). 
  • Ninety percent of alumni credit their graduate management education with increasing their earning power. 
  • Four in five alumni say their graduate management education offered opportunities for quicker career advancement.  
  • The report measured entrepreneurial behavior in the workplace, defined by innovativeness, proactiveness, and social risk-taking, all factors associated with career success. Alumni in the c-suite and self-employed alumni are most likely to describe themselves by these attributes than alumni at all other job levels.

Survey Overview

The Alumni Perspectives Survey Report profiles business school alumni career progression, including current employment status, compensation, job characteristics, and on-the-job skills; spotlights alumni entrepreneurship; explores how alumni assess the value of their management education, and details alumni involvement with their alma maters. Report findings can be used to help drive strategic decision-making processes in graduate business schools.

Survey Methodology

Findings in the 2015 Alumni Perspectives Survey Report are based on analysis of data from business school alumni worldwide whom GMAC surveyed in the fall of 2014. This is the second consecutive year of direct partnership with business schools to broaden and deepen the reach of alumni representation in this valuable research study. The methodology for alumni surveys prior to 2013 was based on longitudinal samples from the GMAC Global Management Education Graduate Surveys.

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The GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey is administered directly with school cooperation. Learn more about how YOUR school can participate in next year’s survey to take advantage of the robust data we have to offer.

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