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Additional GMAT data:

Profile of GMAT® Testing

Use our new analysis of GMAT testing year data to build candidate profiles, see what programs are receiving GMAT scores, and target your recruiting efforts.

Introducing New Data-to-Go Series: Profile of GMAT® Testing

Your go-to source for annual data about GMAT testing volume, test-taker performance, and candidate demographics now has a new name, a new format, and enhanced flexibility to meet your recruiting needs.

Our new Profiles of GMAT® Testing—a three-part series of Data-to-Go briefs—integrate the detailed demographic snapshots you’re accustomed to seeing in our former printed Profiles of GMAT Candidates with student mobility trends. So, in addition to GMAT testing volume, test-taker performance, and candidate age, gender, citizenship and residence data, the new Profiles show which graduate management programs GMAT test takers are targeting for enrollment.

The Data-to-Go Profile Series includes separate reports based on candidate region and country of citizenship, region and country of residence, and a special North American report focused on US and Canadian residents. Click on the links below to download the new 2014 reports, all of which are publicly available in electronic format only.

Our New 2014 Reports

GMAC Data To Go ItemProfile of GMAT® Testing: Citizenship Report, TY 2010–TY 2014  Summarizes five-year global GMAT testing trends by region and country of citizenship

GMAC Data To Go ItemProfile of GMAT® Testing: Residence Report, TY 2010–TY 2014  Summarizes five-year global GMAT testing trends by region and country of residence.

GMAC Data To Go ItemProfile of GMAT® Testing: North American Report, TY 2010–TY 2014   Summarizes five-year GMAT testing trends for US and Canadian residents, by US region, US state, and Canadian province, and by race/ethnicity for US citizens

Integrate Profile Data with Other Admissions Recruiting Resources

The Data-to-Go reports blend the best of our traditional Profile data with the score-receiving data typically seen in our Geographic Trend Reports. Use them to build your own candidate profiles and see what share of GMAT score reports are going to MBA programs, non-MBA master’s programs, or doctoral programs.

Use the new Profile reports to jump-start your search of potential students and enrich your recruitment efforts. Take Profile data to inform your purchase of names of prospective students from the Graduate Management Admission Search Service® (GMASS®) database or develop profiles of the decision-making process for potential applicants based on data in the Prospective Student Survey Interactive Report.  

Exclusive Interactive Reports for GMAT Accepting Schools

Schools that accept the GMAT exam as part of your admissions process have exclusive access to two free interactive tools:

GMAC Interactive ResearchThe GMAT® Trends Tracker 2014 is an interactive resource for exploring detailed regional and country trends in GMAT testing and score sending mobility covering five testing years, from TY 2010 through TY 2014. Powered by Adobe Flex, this online tool supplements the Profile reports, presenting GMAT testing data in a dynamic format with graphical data displays that allow you to select and view the regions, countries, and demographics of interest to you. You can download that data for further use in your own presentations.

GMAC Interactive ResearchThe GMAT® Interactive Profile lets you mine our GMAT test-taker databases and perform customized searches across multiple variables, including undergraduate major, age, gender, GMAT testing year, work experience, intended degree and concentration, and more. Plus, you can create your own reports to use at your convenience. This tool is updated with GMAT exam data for TY 2014.

Previous Reports

2013 Profile of GMAT Candidates CoverPast issues of the print Profile of Graduate Admission Test® Candidates are available electronically for any graduate business school that accepts the GMAT exam for its admissions process. Just log in to the GMAC Research Library and search under GMAT Test Taker Data for past issues of the Profile, which you can download for free. Issues available cover GMAT testing years 1982 through 2013.

Profile of GMAT® Candidates, 2013, Executive Summary  This publicly available report published in 2013 is an executive summary of key GMAT examinee data for testing years 2008 to 2013.

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