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The North American Geographic Trend Report was first produced for testing year 2008. Visit the GMAC Research Library for previous editions of the North American Trend Report and to access corresponding editions of the World, European, and Asian Reports. (Access to all current and previous reports is limited to GMAT using schools.)

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North American Geographic Trend Report for GMAT® Examinees

TY 2013 North American Geographic Trend Report CoverWhich regions attract talent in Canada and the US today?

The North American Trend Report is your annual resource for data on where residents of Canada and the United States would like to study and how well programs in those countries are attracting domestic and foreign students. Schools that use the GMAT exam as part of their admissions process have access to all current and past reports published as part of the Geographic Trends Series.

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Highlights from Testing Year 2013*

  • 63% of score reports received in Canada and 50% received in the United States during TY 2013 were from foreign citizens.
  • Canadian residents sat for 7,969 GMAT exams in TY 2032 and sent a total of 20,493 score reports. Thirty-one percent of these score reports were directed to schools located outside Canada.
  • US residents sat for 113,434 GMAT exams in TY 2013 and sent a total of 319,079 score reports, 97 percent of which were directed to US programs.

Learn More About Student Mobility in our Companion Report (Available to the Public)

A new Data-to-Go brief, Where Students Are Pursuing Graduate Business School and Why, offers information on student mobility. This short publication is a publically available companion report for the Geographic Trend Series.

*GMAT Testing Years run from July 1 to June 30. Report updates are available during the first quarter of the following year.


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