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Related Reports
For a complete listing of all Geographic Trend Reports released to date, visit the GMAC Research Library. There you can also find the latest GMAT Trends Tracker tool, which presents student mobility data along with detailed GMAT test-taker data. (Note: Access to all current and previous reports and the GMAT Trends Tracker is restricted to GMAT accepting schools.)


GMAT® Geographic Trend Reports

Map out smart recruiting visits with data on where students want to study.

FourTY2013 Geo Trend Report Cover ImagesOur Geographic Trend Reports merge score-sending patterns from GMAT examinees with profile data they submit with the exam.

Score report data in the reports correspond to testing year (TY) dates, which run from July 1 to June 30 to mimic academic calendars at most schools.

Does Your School Use the GMAT Exam? See Our Geographic Trend Reports for GMAT Accepting Schools:

Prospective Students & Mobility

A Data-to-Go brief, Where Students Are Pursuing Graduate Business School and Why , offers information on student mobility. This short publication is a publically available companion report for the Geographic Trend Series.

Related Interactive Tools

Access additional items related to the Geographic Trend Series:

  • The GMAT Trends Tracker 2014 is an Adobe Flex tool that supplements the data from the 2014 Profile of GMAT Testing Data-to-Go Series in a dynamic format with additional student mobility data. With GMAT Trends Tracker you can view graphical displays of the data tables, select the regions and demographics of interest to you, and download the data for use in your own presentations.
  • Get the handouts and listen to the recording of the "Going Places: Mobility in Management Education" webinar to get a behind-the-scenes view of the dynamic recruitment landscape for graduate management education. GMAC analysts present GMAT examinee data from the Geographic Trend Report series alongside information from across GMAC research surveys.

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