Prospective Students Survey

Use survey insights to appeal to a globally diverse candidate pool

2016 Prospective Students Cover, Large ThumbnailA profile of more than 10,000 global candidates reveals that prospective students have a clear vision for their future and know what they want from their b-school experience.

GMAC’s 2016 Prospective Students Survey Report explores the business school pipeline from the prospective student's point of view. GMAC researchers analyze responses from 10,017 individuals who registered on from October 2014 through September 2015. Here is some of what you will find: Schools need to begin early in students' consideration process to brand your programs; today's candidates are very deliberate about their career paths; many information sources influence their school choices; and two-thirds aim to get into the best school possible.  

Click the links below to download the full summary report and to access the interactive research tool that accompanies the report.

GMAC Survey Report 2016 Survey Report [May 2016]

GMAC Interactive Research 2016 Interactive Research Tool [May 2016]

Past Survey Reports

2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012

All past Prospective Students Survey reports are available in the GMAC Research Library, searchable by year or topic heading, "Admissions and Application Trends."

Research Insights

Visit Research Insights, GMAC's new web hub of topical research articles based on the latest survey data, including "Prospective Students Seek Blend of Online and Classroom Learning." [posted May 3, 2016] 

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