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Global Management Education Graduate Survey

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Use insights from graduates to guide future program decisions and career service efforts.

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Since 2000, GMAC has reached out annually to graduate business schools worldwide to survey your soon-to-be graduating class about their educational experience, early job search efforts, and how they assess the value of their management education and its impact on their career goals. The Global Management Education Graduate Survey findings reveal which industries are hiring your graduates, what job functions graduates are filling, what compensation they are receiving, and where they are working.

Why the Global Management Education Graduate Survey? 

GMAC developed this student exit survey to provide a direct feedback loop to schools with information to help gauge whether student needs are being met, what services students value most, and which services might yet present challenges and require market-wide improvements. The analysis of student responses to wide-ranging topics in this survey can arm school administrators with the information you can use to tailor programs to student needs and guide current and future students in career placement services. 

 Achieve Your Career Services and Programming Goals: 

  • Learn about hiring and job search success, including expected work location, salaries, industries, and job functions, and which job search strategies result in the highest job offers. 
  • Gain insight into graduates’ evaluation of their management education and how well the skills they developed have prepared them for the job market.
  • Discover students’ preferred learning environments and teaching methods and what aspects of their education drive their overall value assessment of their degrees. 

Kate Klepper

"We can address different needs and concerns based on information we get from the research."

Kate Klepper
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
Northeastern University

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