Application Trends Survey

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The 2017 Application Trends Survey launches in early June focused on gathering intelligence on the current market for graduate business school applicants for the coming 2017-2018 class year. 

All graduate business schools that participate in the survey receive access to a unique benchmark report that allows for peer-to-peer comparison with admissions data from a list of schools and programs that participate in the survey. 

GMAC sent invitations on June 6th to schools and programs worldwide and will field the survey through July 28th. Be sure your school receives it invitation so you don't miss the opportunity to see how your school measures up in 2017 admissions trends.

Visit to ensure receipt of your survey invitation. 

To learn more about the survey administration, click here for an FAQ list with more details. Meanwhile, click the link below to access the summary report of the 2016 Application Trends Survey. You can also download the list of participating schools.

GMAC Research Report 2016 Application Trends Survey Report [September 2016]

More Admissions Insights

Visit our Research Insights web hub for special reports on admission trends from the 2016 Applications Trends Survey that spotlight three regions: Africa, Canada, and India. [September 20, 2016]

Recent Application Trends Survey Reports

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Exclusive Benefits for Survey Participants

  • The Interactive Data Research Tool lets schools create customizable views of survey data including year-on-year application volume trends, applicant pool composition, and other survey findings by program type and world region. 
  • Our Benchmark Tool allows survey participants to create instant peer-to-peer comparison reports from aggregated survey data from a list of survey participants. Watch the benchmark demo! For additional information, check our our Application Trends Survey Benchmark Tool FAQ.

Companion Survey

Each February, GMAC conducts a Preliminary Application Trends study to provide schools with early data on applications to classes starting late summer and also end-of-cycle results for programs starting in January. Findings are available exclusively to participating programs.