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The GMAT exam is an extremely reliable predictor of student performance.

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Make admissions decisions with ease by using GMAT® exam results along with our statistical validity analysis.

Because the GMAT exam tests skills that are highly important to management programs, it is a proven predictor of academic performance. In addition, our state-of-the-art security and data protection ensure that the results match the test taker.

Use the results of the GMAT exam as part of your admissions decisions to accurately predict who will succeed in your program, and who might be at risk for academic difficulty.

New New GMAT features: score preview and score reinstate launch. Beginning in June 2014, GMAT test takers will have the ability to view their unofficial scores prior to making a decision to accept or cancel those scores. As in the past, a self-canceled score will appear as a "C" on the official score report that you receive, and all GMAT attempts for the previous five years will appear on the students score report. In addition to this change, we are introducing another feature, allowing a test taker who self-cancels on test day the opportunity to reinstate those scores within 60 days of the test date.

Catherine Bianchi

"I use GMAT scores because I believe they are a very good predictor of one's success—not only in our program, but once they leave the program."

Catherine Bianchi, Director, Graduate Admissions
Seton Hall University, Stillman School of Business

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